Taisho & 7 Package Technology Co.,Ltd. (TS7 ) Taisho & 7 Package Technology Co.,Ltd. (TS7 )

Company profile

Initially specializing in cosmetic boxes, after many years, from the experience gained from producing high-class packaging on paper and special difficult materials such as PET, PP and Metalised paper with Japanese quality requirements, exported to Japan and for the cosmetic industry in Vietnam, TS7 has now become one of the few companies in Vietnam that has the capacity from printing to product finishing to produce a wide range of high-grade products for many other markets in the world.

Our goal is to make the best mix of the technological strengths and professional working style of Japan and the industriousness and flexibility of the Vietnamese culture to creat the most effectively working business. All of our employees are getting better and better. Although still young, with the spirit of progress, constant innovation and responsibility to carry out the mission of combining the best of Japanese and Vietnamese culture, TS7 will certainly provide more high-class products and more and well meet the diverse requirements of customers.

Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name


Representative Name

Director – Ms.Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong

Business Description

Manufacture and sale of printing products and packaging

  • Printing products:
    • Packaging boxes, stickers: Paper boxes, PET/PP plastic boxes/Metalised paper, Adhesive labels, Cartons,…
    • Soft packaging: Paper bags, Nylon bags, Roll sticker labels
    • Brochures: Leaflet, Poster, Company Brochure, Calendar, etc.
  • Consumer products: Paper cups, Plastic cups, Tissues, Plastic blisters
  • Garment items: Biological bags, Shoe bags, Non-woven bags, PP bags, Shirts, T-shirts, Hats,…
  • Buying and selling Printing materials
Head Office

Lot 26-28, Tan Tao St., Tan Tao IZ, Tan Tao A Ward, Binh Tan Dist. Ho Chi Minh City


( +84 ) – 28 3754 5849 / ( +84 ) – 28 3754 7349

  1. Mr. Tuan (JP/EN)
    Mobile – ( +84 ) 932 02 87 88/ Email – tuants7@in7.com.vn
Establish Date

2012 July


1,7000,000 USD

Parent Company

Taisho Printing Co., Ltd. (stock)
Headquarter – 〒578-0983 / Osaka Higashi Yoshitashimojima No. 12 No. 15
TEL – 072-962-5301 / 072-962-5303 ( direct connect to sales department )
FAX – 072-964-2621 / 072-964-2652 ( direct connect to sales department )
Top printing company in Japan with over 60 years’ experience in producing high-quality labels, cosmetic box, drug box, etc…
Printing No.7 Joint Stock Company
Headquarter – Lot 26-28 Tan Tao St. Tan Tao IP, Tan Tao A word, Binh Tan Dist, HCM City
TEL – ( 84.8 ) 3754 5839 ( 4 lines )
FAX – ( 84.8) 3754 5840
Vietnam printing company with over 45 years’ experience and good reputation in producing cultural products and paper packaging


Taisho Printing Co., Ltd. (60%) – Printing No.7 JSC (40%)


350 people

Some Value Customer

Package – related clients

  • Japanese
    KOBAORI (Sewing) Naris Cosmetics (Cosmetics) Zeria Shinyaku (Pharmaceutical) VARIVAS (Fishing) MAJOR CRAFT (Fishing) SUSI BAR (Restaurant)
  • Vietnamese
    VINATABA (cigarette) THIEN LONG (stationery)
  • Korean
    SUNG JIN (sewing)
  • Other foreign companies
    The Tea Empire (Australia, tapioca specialty store)


you can download our certification here.

  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATE

  • FSC

  • G7

  • Iso 12647


  • Disney FAMA